Got rejected for quality standards


Hi there, just got a mail from the staff for my logo item got rejected for not meeting the quality standard to move forward, and I wont be able to resubmit this item again. I am not sure, does the item is not enough creative, or there is any other problem with it? The logo is animal category for hunting and fishing companies, the concept is a deer + fish


hi for me the illustration part is cool though the typo needs to be redone completely , too flat and simple, lacking originality and failing to combine fonts, if u change this and the color too i guess u should be able to make it :slight_smile:


Well, I am not sure if I can resubmit this design, as they said “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”
So do you think maybe a font rework and maybe a better color, could work? Also what if I send only the symbol?
Thank you any way for the help @n2n44


Hi, a complete rework of your typo will not be considered an abuse. So, as @n2n44 said, just redone the typo part and re-submit the item. Also, leave a message to reviewers and explain what you’ve improved. Good luck bro :wink:


Thanks buddy, will do my best


I just uploaded my new item and still got rejected. This is my 3rd try, every time got rejected for the quality