Logo Rejected

Hi everyone, I need advice cause I’m new here. I made this logo but unfortunately has been rejected. They said: “We found it isn’t at the quality standard”.

Can you please tell me what to improve? I would appreciate any kind of advice!!

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Here’s my 2cents.

It’s a good logo, but looks unfinished, as it’s probably not well presented, which today is more important than the logo itself.

Consider I instead of 1 will be better for symmetry.

Still that won’t grant you the success here, but maybe somewhere else will.

Hopefully that sheds some light :slight_smile:


This is a premium marketplace , you have to create unique item and have a sale value. your logo is too simple.


hi i see a variety of reasons why the logo has been rejected indeed. Let’s get started
1- logo “structure”
indeed, in a logo u have both an illustration part and and a text one and here the text one is missing …
2- typo
since there is a part missing this is difficult to call what u have here a “typo” but the problem is that this is very much of an essential point here , in GR, no matter what is the category where u are posting, u are expected to bring much care to this part and , at this stage , this is definitely not impressive enough if u ask me
3- commercial potential
indeed, apart from the problem related to the missing name and tagline, let’s face it , the logo has no commercial potential for two main reason indeed. First of all this is addressing only to people having a “U” and “1” un their name, which is very limited to say the least , as u cannot expect the buyers to sort of do everything on their own and adapt. To say things clearly and as concisely as it can be, indeed, right now, your logo maybe considered as a logo for a customer as a freelancer but not as a logo template. In addition, this is the other main reason, this logo can be redone quite simply / easily without taking so much time , so why would people buy it. If they do not feel like they will save some time, indeed, people will rather choose to save money and do on their own rather than buying … (i may add, i think that this is not superfluous , that a logo is often the most costly of all design items)
4- global style
i evoked it fairly enough in the previous paragraphs, but here is what is left to be said about it. GR is a premium marketplace with a quality control and where there are not only a wild catalogue of products but a lot of guys in town as well, which basically means that standards are high, especially in this category, since this is a crowded one as logos are the most expensive item in GR and are sometimes considered as easier and faster to make money , what is not …
5- general style
paradoxically enough u have a logo with a limited potential due to the initials but also too much of a generic style where this is hard to identify who is the targeted purchasing base. I guess this is not failing to make sense to add that the marketplace has changed gamely over the years and that bringing some “generic things” to the table could be profitable in the past , now this is rather likely to mean that your item will be “buried alive” even if it had been approved. Nowadays this is better to try to strike a niche , this is more of a guaranty to sell indeed …
6- color combination
if u ask me this is fair , at least orange is a bit original in a way but let;'s talk the talk , opting for choosing complementary colors, shades of the same color or theme code colors for an activity that u may be targeting would be a much better idea and safer choice too
7- hierarchy
the disturbing part is the missing text in the first place but what is “trouble making as well” is that u installed a hierarchy between the two initials all the same as the “1” is definitely popping out much much more than the “U”

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Got it. Thank you!

if u have enough clues of what to do with the item, u can check the “solution” box , good work and good luck :slight_smile: