My first Logo rejected, need some advice and feedback plz

Hello, great designers,

My first logo got rejected, Please give me some advice to improve myself. Thank you

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hi indeed, there are a good deal of reasons for the rejection if u ask me. Let’s start.

1- global style
to be honest i think that there is not enough graphic design at this stage and the logo is easy to redo very quickly by anyone having a decent knowledge of tools … see point 2
2- commercial potential
indeed, this is linked to what is evoked in point 1 … the fact of the matter is that an item being redone so easily and quickly is synonymous with limited commercial potential, and why would reviewer accept the item if they identify a limited potential right form the beginning?
3- lack originality
to be honest there is nothing really new in what u have here at this stage
4- misbalance
indeed, there is a structural issue with the logo that u have here , as the illustration part and the text part are very far from matching horizontally and same goes with the proportion of both parts, this must be improved if u ask me …
5- typo
indeed, as i guess that u may identify this if u think about it quietly … there is dissonance between the curvy parts of the illustration and the rather squared look of the typo that u used indeed. Plus the typo is sort of clean but indeed, there is also nothing exceptional about it , right now this is globally lacking of variations, font combinations and touches of originality so that u can generate some additional relief and interest in the process …
6- hierarchy
i started to evoke this in the previous point , ether is a feeling that the hierarchy is not so much valued indeed as globally the typo is lacking a lot of potential additions so that differences are valued and in particular when it comes to primary and secondary information indeed. U emphasized this troubled by the way by using the darker color in part of the title, which, in this case, makes the thing more confusing visually rather than any other thing in the end …
7- contrast
i believe that u are on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle indeed. The fact of the matter is that i guess u will understand what i mean by that but the logo should really be outstanding as this is what u are selling here … in other words, using colors for the logo that are failing to contrast enough with the background amounts to saying that u are “shooting a bullet in your own feet” if u wish …
8- imbrication
i believe that u will probably agree with this , but u have trouble to handle the shape that u have created and there is definitely an issue for u when it comes ti the placement of the shape according to the text , both in the horizontal and vertical version by the way , this is hurting the way the logo looks as the global thing does not completely look like a whole


Thank you for your outstanding description. I understand. Next time I will be more professional.

How many logos have you designed before this one?

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20-25 logo