why my logo was rejected? Please help me

Your logo has nothing related with programming / coding.

hi, i personally see a collection of things. Let’s get started
1- concept
sorry but at the moment, i see no connection between the concept and the way your logo got materialized indeed
2- global style
do not get me wrong, this is sort of tasteful what u have at the moment , though , there rs very little graphic design here and this quite simple what u have and i suspect that unless u push the envelope this will be hard for u to have an item accepted in such a difficult and crowded category indeed , see next point …
3- commercial potential
if u ask me, part of the issue is for the item to look attractive to potential buyers, this takes some additional value, u have to generate a feeling from your audience that they will save time or have something over their personal graphic capability to offer to people. In both cases, this is nt what happens … the logo can be redone in a few minutes without it takes special skills or ability. In such a case, why would a reviewer accept a file with an identified low commercial potential?
4- alignment
u cannot expect having a logo violating a basic design principle to make it here. This category is too tough for this , for sure. But the fact of the matter is that bth illustration and text part are not aligned properly …
5- typo
this is not bad, but this is still rather flat and definitely lacking a bit of creative and originality touch indeed
6- previews
despite what u have here is tasteful , no doubt about it, i recommend that u try to use mockup and generate some more relief and catch more the attention

Thank you so much

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you are welcome, the good thing is that u have a tasteful style, push a bit the envelope and i am sure that the items will be accepted :slight_smile: