My logo got rejected !

Hi everyone, My logo was rejected, please give me some advice . Thank you!

Illustration looks amateurish. Typography doesn’t support the logo.

hi the execution is not good enough at this stage and u cannot expect make it here with shape that are not even, not properly performed, not looking simply perfect. IN addition, if u ask me, this is hard to follow what is the logics behind the concept , for me, and i guess i am not the only one, this is not clear , not to mention that , sense taken apart this is not really looking good visually speaking. The single color logo version is miles better than the color one as color being combined here and simply not matching and are ruining what u have more than any other thing. Besides, the green is hardly contrasting enough. As for the typo, it seems to me that this is sort of fair even if this is not looking modern to say the least but the fact of the matter is that the typo is not completely optimized with the illustration indeed