can you tell me why my logo was rejected?

Hi there, can you tell me why my logo was rejected?

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I think that your design is error too messy the vector and also typography, you not need use circle background white.


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sorry but this is no where close from today’s standards indeed, not only is the global style sort of clipartish and not in keeping with nowadays trends, but there is also no real contept and modernity whatsoever. The execution does not look professional enough yet and to be honest, if i had not seen a text being associated with the logo, i would have had trouble to identify what the item was all about, that is to say a logo, an illustration or whatever else. Colors are neither being super realistic not the best imaginable combination to say the least. Some of the curves look also not exactly perfectly executed enough , actually. As for the text, the tagline is missing and same goes with global relief i might add … since the fact that the tagline is nowhere to be found means trouble for u as this basically means that u lack variations, font combinations, and possible touches of originality as well. There is something in the balance of the logo as well, it looks a bit like the Pisa tower … this is looking like bending on the left so to speak and the misalignment of text and illustration does not help about it , this is the bottom line. The illustration is also prevailing a bit too much over the text part. There is also a real effort to make when it comes to presentation , this oval white ellipse being quite flat a presentation and far from selling what u have created, pls consider that the preview image is the main interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyer in the other one, in other words, u’d better bring something as impressive as it may get to try to impress both …

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