Help me to improve my logo please (Logo Rejected)


this is another of my hard rejected logos:
please help me to improve it.


Hm, hard to tell why it would get rejected. Maybe those white small lines are too thin and from far they aren’t visible. Other than that maybe the reviewer thought that it is too simple and there may be already similar projects like this one out there.
Sometimes reviews may not seem fair, but hey - learn, improve and go on. If this didn’t get accepted here maybe you can try to sell it on other markets :slight_smile: Good luck!


It seems nothing wrong to me. You can give another try several weeks later. Sometimes they hard reject good items, then accept the same in 2nd attempt.


Well, there is a lot of things

  • You can’t use “Company Name” as name, be creative
  • don’t understand the concept of this logo…it’s a break infinite symbol?
  • Improve the presentation (ps. image seems in low resolution)


thank you, i will try to improve it and sell it on other markets…


indeed u have a good start , but need a bit more work too. The thing that Manu said about the concept is legitimate but however this maybe in keeping with someone needs, so this is not a big deal for me … then , u need to change the name as mentioned by @ManuDesign.Next, u need to make an extra effort when it comes to typos and typo combination , at this time all is too plain and here u are expected to focus much on these elements … as for presentation, once again @ManuDesign was true once again this is essential, both for reviewers and buyers to “buy it”. At this stage this is not good enough as far as this is concerned … but good start , good base to work with :slight_smile: