I don't get it

Whats the point rejecting great logos here ?

hi, i personally believe that there are some inconsistencies but this is not what happens with all items, if u know what i mean , the thing is that this category has a big number of authors (including some very good logo designers) and daily submissions and that they also have to refuse some items for those accepted not to be completely over flooded with tons of other items …

Hmmm… sounds logistic but if is there no point to resubmit, than whats the point if is that great design.
I don’t want to sound stupid butt i saw some very awfull designs with strange concepts and they are approved…

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focus on your game buddy, that’s the best u can do … and that’s how u will also make sure that u can avoid rejections, the best advice is create so great things so that this is impossible to reject them

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but from my personal experience there is some logos launched to sell can’t even compare with some logos got rejected

having a coherent reviewing system and a 100% perfect quality control is definitely very hard , all reviewers ahem different specialities, backgrounds, expectations , tastes and so on , including lots of them do not have the same idea if what is the global standard … so u see some strange things sometimes, people are human and the system is definitely not perfect