What did I do wrong with this logo? I need some help.

Dear Envato fellows,

I’ve been submitted my first Logo template in the symbol section on GraphicRiver and I got rejected and this item cannot be resent for review.I respected all the steps and conditions regarding the files and description.

The question is: What I’ve done wrong?

I mention that I filled all the sections (description and so on), the main zip file including SVG / EPS CS and 10, Ai CS and CC, PDF and PNG, thumbnail and Image preview (attached).

It is ok to contact them via Support Center to get a precise answer of what I did wrong? or is anyone who can guide me somehow? Maybe is about the logo concept, is it that boring? I would appreciate a critique / feedback from you guys, or you can share some tips and what is the common reason for this kind of rejections.

Thank you and I cant wait to see some reactions from you.
Much appreciated!


I’m not sure if there’s anything particularly wrong with this logo - looks pretty good. I would say the tagline text is a bit too small and thin - logos need to view well at a small size. Plus possibly a centered position would look better.

About resending items after a rejection - as long as you make some significant changes and think it may now be good enough, you can send it again.