Getting fed up from "unnecessary and reasonless rejection of logo templates"

CAN ANYONE HERE OR ANYONE IN ENVATO TEAM CAN CLEARLY DESCRIBE " WHAT IS QUALITY STRANDED" ?? Why these files get rejected due to quality standard, All the vector files are okay, completes all the ‘logo template vector requirements’ Then why??? Are they bad looking ? If that so then there are a thousands of bad logos approved by the marketplace. I want proper answer. ANYONE !!! please


I don’t think the graphics are bad, I would change some fonts with different sizes, though. If it doesn’t work for you here, then maybe try to upload it to other marketplaces? Just google it. Now - from what I see people are complaining about the items that are being accepted on the marketplace. I do complain myself, since I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but we really can’t do pretty much anything.

Also one of the reasons that your logos may not be accepted is the fact that there may be similar designs out there. I’ve seen few similar dental logos and few similar to the last one.

Hello AL,

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you point of views :slight_smile: but most of them are “maybe” I am looking for “exact reasons of rejection”. I’ve contacted envato team to join this discussion. Let’s see.

Yeah, because no one really will know the exact rejection reason if it was hard one and the design was good. People may speculate, that’s all. Maybe they will replay but they probably got lots of these type of questions.

Hey mate…
Great concept and execution. Your logos are good !
One thing that i can recommend you is to watch the position of your tagline. You must think buyers and often they are only able to change the name… and if the tagline is too long and it interfere with the main title, it’s not okay… It’s the only thing that i can notice. I didn’t see your file and vectors…but the global work is super !

Hey, @Opaq thanks for your suggestion, I’ve sent you a personal message please reply :slight_smile:

Hello @matthewcoxy can you please join the conversation, and give me a valid reason, way-out of this problem, PLEASE !!!

The only 100% accurate reason anyone can give for why they were rejected, is that the reviewer felt they weren’t at the required level of quality to be accepted on the marketplace.

If it was a technical issue, like the wrong file type, then they would have been soft rejected and you would have been told what needed to be fixed. As they are hard rejected, it comes down purely to design and/or commercial appeal.

I think they’re pretty good, and they’re some of the better logos I’ve seen that have been rejected. If I was a reviewer then I’d probably accept most of them, but I’m no reviewer and I don’t know much about logo design. Maybe I’m missing something. As a result you were probably pretty close, but no cigar. Nobody can tell you exactly what is wrong with them as then they’d essentially be redesigning your logos for you… i.e. move that up ten pixels, rotate this by two degrees, reduce the thickness of these lines, alter this colour, use this font etc. The reviewers have tens of thousands of items to check every week, so there’s no real time for a detailed report.

You think they’re good, I think they’re good, but that doesn’t really matter… one or more people on the review team felt that they didn’t hit the mark, so there’s not that much that can be done I’m afraid.

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Hello @SpaceStockFootage , I appreciate your answer but I’ve seen a lot of good designs get rejected by the reviewers and a lot of bad designs get accepted by them don’t you think it will be harmful for the community and this is a question of ‘professional integrity’ of the reviewers ?

Who is to say what’s good and bad though? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you’ve got to think to yourself… who is going to have a better opinion on the standards for Envato? A guy who has uploaded designs which they wanted to have approved but which weren’t… or somebody who has been hired and trained by Envato to know what to look out for.

Like I say, I’m not saying Envato are right or wrong… they’re human so they probably make mistakes, but I’d like to think that they don’t just get an hour of training and are then sent out into the wilds to do as they please. I’m sure the reviewers are quality checked and their reviews are reviewed from time to time to make sure everyone is singing from the same song sheet and to maintain the professional integrity of the reviewers.

I could be wrong… maybe it’s a complete mess and nobody knows what they are doing! You never know!

There’s always going to be influence from an individual’s point of view as well. I hate cucumbers, and if I was a reviewer for FoodForest I’d try to be objective, but if somebody is uploading a cucumber sandwich, then it’s not going to do as well as somebody who loves the devil’s vegetable. It’s difficult though… it’s not like you can create exact guidelines for what should and shouldn’t be approved.

As a result, there’s always going to be things that slip through the cracks which some people feel shouldn’t have. I’m not sure what can be done about that.

Hey @golden_cursor

You’ve hit one of the grand challenges of running a huge marketplace like Envato. This is the fact that we currently can’t provide the kind of in-depth feedback that our reviewers would probably really like to give.

There are so many items submitted to the queue that there just isn’t the time. If we were to take this approach, the entire review queue would slow down, and the wait time for review would be enormous. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the one we currently have.

There’s also the issue of subjectivity. There are many different reviewers, and as with all art, there is some variance. Sometimes it can also be to do with an over-supply of items that look very similar to your own, rather than an issue of quality per-say.

Nobody here- even me- is going to be able to give you exact reasons. The community can give you feedback about how you might improve the overall standard, but at the end of the day, the only way to improve your odds is to keep improving the overall quality of your work :slight_smile:

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