My logo Rejected, please help. what can i do?


Recently I have upload two logos but both are reject by Envato.

“Unfortunately your submission Hand Shake Logo isn’t ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.”

this is my logo. it’s looking good but don’t know what is the problem.

What can i do for it. please help me :pensive:


Hello Friend!
I do not understand why your work is not accepted! They are well-drawn! I also wrote to administrators, that they take for unknown criteria work. A lot of work is not professional!


I am very disappointed. I don’t know what is the problem with this logo & why they rejected.
very disappointed. :angry:


Submit again


it’s hard rejected. they don’t allow to upload it same way. :disappointed:


this one is not done buddy, no need to point at other guys , we all do our best and the thing is that there are some inconsistencies in this system but authors have nothing to do with it anyway … whether people are unlucky or not all of us guys have to respect our respective works and the time, dedication and investment that we put into it …


hi buddy for me your typo is too flat for here u need to put a bit more work into it , plus maybe the fact that there are tons of cloud things all the time is being much of an issue and that u need to give your work an extra creative touch so that it can be accepted indeed :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply. i’ll try


Hello! I particularly anyone not specify! I’m talking in general!
If you miss the site a bad job, then publish the rules of admission, why you took it, and the other is not!
Now it turns out that the site take work each to your taste


Happy day!


no this is not what i meant, indeed is the thing is that there is no point into comparing with others and so , this is just helping for anything, maybe u did not identify about it but u cannot change anything and believe me the bottom line is that i have been fighting to change some things that i found unfair and i guess a lot of guys here will tell u if u could not see it by yourself … however , u know what, despite we are complaining and so on , nothing has changed except maybe for the worst … at this time there are more and more flat things that are being accepted and obvioiusly this is generating the frustrations of many guys who tend to believe that they have had their better work rejected. as for you sometimes the guidelines seem to be less and less clear and there is a lot to do as regard to reviewing and for other issues too, now what i tried to insist on is that all guys do their best, sone were more lucky than some others (because i cannot understand how to explain this any other way) but this is something that u have to do with , whether u like it or not. at this time envato is clearly making their choices for themselves in priority , that is all … and my thinking about all this is that all authors must even more get closer from each other and be concerned for the other ones rather than playing the individual card … now, if u do not feel this way , u can do however u feel like doing …

what does one mean? sorry i did not get it but if u want to mention that this is just a matter of taste nowadays, well indeed, there has always been something like this getting in the mix as , lets face it, the artistic part in what we do makes quality subjective depending on expectations, tastes and so on and this is also why they have such a big time trouble to clearly identify some clean guideline and see sone incoherences on regular basis … on the other hand, what kind reviewers do? if they are not being delivered the right guidelines in the first place and they have so much work, so many different items and styles to deal with …


I do not want anybody to whom to compare! This is the last thing! But you must agree that if there are no clear rules on the acceptance of the work site should be the criteria! In addition to the aesthetic and technical side there! I’m talking about the fact that part of the works that take on the site does not correspond to it, they can not be called logos and they are of no value. I know you agree with me, but you do not want to take one side))


I also believe that the work at the top of many deserving ones now on the site


Again… i am frustrated. they rejected my new logo. don’t know what’s problem with this :frowning:

Envato Team Has disappointed me. :rage:


buddy pay attention to what i told u, your font is too generic and here they do not like it , this is 0the opened door to rejections , whether we like it or not (i really don’t because the font and colors are the easiest thing for customers to change) , the fact of the matter is that their main focus here is typo … u come up with a plain typo and u are out … this is that simple …


i for got to mention , if u ask me the illustration of your work is cool and original :slight_smile:


thanks for your reply.
i’ll upload it again. :slight_smile:


u are welcome :slight_smile:


Hello there. Consider replacing the font.


I’d suggest modifying the presentation graphics (the preview images) so that it shows the logo off better. Maybe use some clever logo placeholder assets as well. The logos look fine and I don’t see why they would be rejected, but your presentation of the logos could be improved - which may push it past the reviewer’s queue. :slight_smile: