All my logo submissions are rejected. Please HELP

Hello. I’m new to envato and I’m really interested to sell my works here.
I wonder what’s wrong with my designs. All of them were rejected.

Please enlighten me on how can I pass the submission.
I need help from the experts. What do you think is the reason they rejected the designs below:

Thanks in advance

It is most frustrating thing when we get rejections over quality products. Even none of my logos got approval so far. There are so much logo with similar or lower quality, but why not our logo get approval.

If we could get some kind of rejection reason except - “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

Someone please help us to know, what shall I improve in logo?

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Wow. Amazing works. I like the concepts especially the camchat. And yes, I wonder why other designs are rejected. And i agree that there are some from their site that are even lower quality but has passed the review, its disappointing. I just hope they could explain it more specifically on why they got our designs rejected, so we wont be hanging.

Hello Aezelc,
Really you are very talented designer, no doubt about it.

Can you explain what guidelines you are following? I’m following such guidelines like - Let me know if I’m following something wrong.

  1. illustrator EPS file version 10.
  2. CMYK color
  3. Editable text
  4. Include help file
  5. No stray points
  6. No open paths
  7. No rasterized elements
  8. no hidden & lock layers.

Is there any other guidelines to follow?

Amazing logos, guys @aezelc @lokesh_yadav619
It hurts to hear that they were rejected. Perhaps the reason is the lack of presentation? Try to place your logos on different textures, business cards, etc (to show how it works in the environment). And you can make few color versions, and few composition structures (for showing that your logos are flexible)

Thank you for your response, here are just plain version for clear quality vision. Otherwise I always make preview with mockups such as -

My guess is the description. Use Envatitor 1.5 while writing your description. Your logos are very nice and of good quality.

Let me know when you get accepted.

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The KL one might be rejected because it’s too specific, the company would have to have initials KL as its name. The other ones I like and could see being approved.

Thanks guys for the suggesstions. I will take note of that. Will try to
resubmit the logos with mockups and presentation. Will also improve on the
description. Will let you know once successful. Crossed fingers

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