Envato is just Non- Sense?

Why Envato Hard Reject our files without any note? Why this type of non- sense? they don’t know what type of hard work we do for that!!! Come here and explain all authors! at least write down in the note what u see “your designs are not @ quality standards”

Envato can not explain to everyone why their work does not meet the quality of the market. You have to work harder to improve your design skills yourself

See and say Feel free to say anything! But pls just say why they hard reject? I have seen many authors here with great designs! laso but they just… ! It’s too annoying man.

They have time to review each content but not have time to say one word! how nice they are!

Font at the top of your preview image isn’t very nice. The top row of logos are pixelated. It feels like something is missing as there’s just the icon part of the logo with no text to go with it. Not sure if the drop shadow works, might be better flat. Decent colour selections, logo itself is good. Logos are one of the hardest categories to get approved in though, there’s so many of them that your item has to be great to get approved. The lack of attention to detail in your preview image probably doesn’t help though.

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Thank U for your words!

But all files are 100% vectors , Don’t know why they rejected?!! They are flat icons. Maybe better luck next time …

I dont know they have been doing the same, I have been selling on other markets many digital vector products, like shutterstock etc and they get easily accepted, and even if they gets rejected, the reason of rejection are clearly mentioned in the reply, and once you make them correct you can resubmit same design but unfortunately its so differently on envato, on rejection the envato team leaves you with bunch of rejection reasons and don’t really point out on what exact reason the design was rejected and this is insane…

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