my logo 2 has been rejected‏

Please suggest me.

hi difficult to believe that it could have been any other way buddy, sorry to say just this … but indeed, there is much to say and much to improve …

1- concept
indeed, the concept is not really obvious , hard to identify exactly what is the meaning of the logo, in my view

2- color combinations
sorry to say just this but colors are not really attractive or convincing, kind of too flashy, especially as re gard to the supposed theme …

3- lack of harmony
at this stage with what u have here this looks like that texts and illustration have been pasted right next to each other with there is anything in common, any harmony indeed

4- typo
the typo is lacking originality and combinations in my opinion and typo is much of an issue here indeed, probably the most important of all …

5- lack of imbrication
texts and illustration is not combining well … there is an issue of positioning indeed

6- global style
well in the end , u do not have so much graphic design inside this one and the style in not a really trendy one actually …

7- commercial potential
this is a bit low about this as what u have here can be redone rather quickly by anyone knowing how to use illustrator …

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You will farewell Envato site and work in other :broken_heart:

what are u talking about buddy?

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Lol, that’s the wrong sentence to say thank u, bro

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soooooooooooooooory >> i will farewell Envato site and work in other :broken_heart:

If you don’t get approved here and you abandon that easy it means you cannot understand this business. Good luck in your life.