Why my logo is rejected ? Please suggest me.

My logo is rejected. Anyone please suggest me what is my mistake.

if u asking for critics and/or advice u should include the screenshoot of ur work here on your post, we are not psychic bro.

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Sorry, the logo is added.

hi indeed everything is too “raw” and definitely outdated in terms of style … nowadays , most of the logos are made of pathfinder action , with some shapes being withdrawn from others … at this stage , with your item, everything looks like pasted right next to the other element … in addition, the typo is globally really too flat , lacking originality , combinations, not to mention that the illustration and the texts are sort of not imbricating, as they are not well positioned so that it creates harmony … the colors are also disconnecting g the two parts as yellow is nowhere to be seen apart from the illustration and sane goes with the black color in the other side … the kerning is wrong , too , there is too much space between letters, this looks not good, especially as the caps are increasing the disbalance …

Thank you so much.

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u are welcome … if u feel like u have solutions enough u can check the “solution” box … :slight_smile: