Why my logo rejected? Please give me a feedback to improve my skill

Give me feedback what i need to do? What should i do from my design so that I can improve on the next submit

Did you get the automated rejection message?
( Regards from Bali )

This what i get

hi the illustration is huge if u ask me , though, the typo part is way too flat , thus lacking originality and font combinations and in addition , as for i can see here , u have no tagline - when this is required - and no horizontal version either … just a reminder the logo category is probably the only one in which missing elements may lead to hard rejection , when in other this is just a soft rejection in the first place

Although this has it’s differences, you’re not really supposed to copy other logos and then try to sell them.

? sorry i did not understand why u said this to him …

oh i see … though this is not the same , highly inspired but still different …