my logo rejected, please help me.

My Image Preview show below. Please someone help me.

please help me

The idea of your design is interesting, I don’t like the color palette and font used in the slogan, it seems to me that it is too compressed, the demo is also worth working on



@hellhat Yes, I am agree your message.

@techworkers I don’t like colors this logos and tagline I don’t like typography you can change other font, good luck.


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hi this is not bad though u have a diversity of small issues indeed … first of all difficult to understand why the bigger shape in the back of the dove indeed … this is bring sort of an issue of coherence and probably reducing the commercial potential of your item. in addition , there is much to do for the typo in my view as all GR categories turn out to be very tough nowadays and that reviewers particularly expecting a real work when it comes to typo no matter where u are posting What u hava at this stage looks little bit outdated and the disposition , proportion and spacing between the letters of the tagline do not look optimized yet … u also have a small issue when it comes to imbricating both parts, logo and shape even though u managed to create harmony between these two parts. BTW u may have created even more harmony and a bigger hierarchy too by giving the tagline a slightly dar green color

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Thank u for all the feedback.

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A dove inside a shape of a nut doesn’t work

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thanks, i will be try again.

Hi, it appears to me that for much of the work submitted and then rejected, the decision to reject is often very subjective and inconsistent. I have had much of my submissions accepted, then suddenly I will have a rejection and as there is usually little no no detailed reason why, one can be left annoyed - especially when one sees other accepted work of a ‘lower standard’.

Obviously there are some submissions that are clearly ‘not up to standard’, but I guess one just has to press on…

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u just forget to figure out of something in what u are saying all the same … this is the fact that most of the market categories are really saturated nowadays with a lot of guys in town and and whole lot of items in lots of different styles and thus the standards have been raising and some things that could have made it beforehand are just not high level enough now …