Why my work rejected

Hello everyone

can anyone please tell why my work get rejected

thank you :hibiscus:

Hi @Meshamr
Your design logo is too basic bad colors, too big icon, bad typography (you need change other typography) etc but you can see other for example approved graphicriver but you don’t can copy similar other design, regards.

I am really thankful for you and i will follow your advise in my next work
but the color it change when i upload it here become like that
you need to click the picture to see the actual color

It’s very best that before but not 100% ready professional but you wait other author like @n2n44 he will help you, he will best explain thank you so much.


really?! lol

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hi indeed , in both cases, if the execution looks ok as for me , the issue that u are facing is an issue of style … nowadays the trend is much more likely to be the one of logos using the pathfinder a lot with shapes being withdrawn from other and things like this … yours is a bit in between illustration and logo styles … most importantly again, u are miles away far from u are expected to provide people with in terms of typo … this is too flat, not matching the illustattion this far and not really very much in keeping with the theme too , if u ask me … u need to put more effort in the typo and make sure that u can introduce some originality a bit but most importantly again much more variations and font combinations so that u can also ultimately strenghten the hierarchy of information. Besides, the proportion between the illustration and the name is not the right one … the text is way to small in comparison and logos and text do not imbricate well enough at this stage … the text looks disconnected from the illustration and the color that u chose did not help indeed … u should introduce a tagline too and provide other versions like black and white and horizontal version of this logo …