GR authors. Thought on the saturation of the logos and increase hard reject


I noticed, reading the forum and trying it on myself hard reject an increase in the graphicriver category logos.

I recieved hard reject on very good logos recently. Compared to many who see it loaded, even in my portfolio there are far worse than logos ultimately discarded by the revision team.

My thought is this:
Envato were initially charged thousands of logos without much quality control.
Consequence: a saturation of the market and now many designers are getting hard reject in many of logos with great potential (for example, some logos that were discarded here, were immediately sold on others marketplaces)

Unfortunately, now Envato can not do the reverse and delete thousands of lousy jobs to support a reopening in the entries.

This situation, however, goes to hit more midlevel designers and new potential great designers

what you think about it?


Envato Make a tough competition , To make designers develop themselves


thanks a lot, and this is a fact that we all know.

But now this is happening that often many good design are discarded, and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe happen just because they increased the critical level , and this was fortunate for those who first saw charge any kind of work, but penalizes new designers


Yes it may be difficult for new designers and it will take time to overcomes the rejected


Is not good for new designers
and for those who are here for a while can sometimes be in trouble with some “strange” reject


I agree with you completely , But difficulties make us creative & Envato is looking for this


I have no doubt about what you say. it’s right. Now there is more difficulty and push to improve, speech Darwinian.
But, in my opinion, it was better handled the situation from before, not to create resentment and various disappointment. it is sad to see many low quality design approved, and perhaps (as I have seen) some designer see reject their good logo

Although I know it is difficult to manage these things.