Closed door to dialogue, Very sad about the changes of Envato Revisions and Help Center

Like everyone, I had files hard rejected. sometimes, however, I received the reject on valid products.
I asked about it opening a ticket. The Support team has forwarded my request to the revision team, where they encountered an error and changed the decision and apologized. Effective. It can happen to all make mistakes, no problem. we are humans. The important thing is to have a fair and positive dialogue. Other times it was confirmed the reject, I apologized and accepted it.

Recently, I asked for a logo hard reject responses. Was told me that this is no longer possible.
Basically it is like saying that there is no possibility of dialogue, no error is correctable, Envato close doors on this thing. very sad.

I am of the opinion that in the past Logos Section did upload many files, haphazardly.
Now, having too many logos, Envato has tightened the revisions. I have been rejected many files (Before, it happened rarely… now more often)…in other marketplaces some of those logos have received good success. Like many other designers think.

My idea is that instead of closing the doors of dialogue with designers in order not to load too many logos, I’d do a bit of cleaning up work plagiarized, or delete jobs old and ugly (which I also have loaded) that never sold…

i have personally the feeling that we have never had the kind of dialogue that we would be supposed to have with people in envato company. Actually, they have their strategy, their plans and so on, and make their decisions on their own without consulting anyone in our sides. I cannot think about a time when they have asked for authors’ opinions for a major issue. Sometimes we can feel like all things are imposed to us without we can change anything which is very sad a thing to think about. Besides, that’s why on several occasions there have been much complaining from lots of authors. Yes, i know , they are a company and we are not even employees for them (and basically we can take it or leave it …) but that’s sad all the same because we are all in sort of a partnership process with envato. INdeed, we try to help them make money out of creating good products , promoting them as well as we can and try to “build envato brand” out of hard work and much time investment when they help us sell our things (give us many tools for this and make sure that they have a good buyer base) and get money in their side too.

Many guys have been claiming for a (personified) feedback when it comes to rejections. Let’s face it, this is impossible. At this point , there are too many authors , submissions and items and this is simply impossible to do just this unless there’s a major change. People do not want to wait any longer before having their items reviewed and some claim for envato to hire more reviewers but lots of us really are not enjoying this idea if we ever turn out to have to pay higher fees again … so basically there’s no real way out of this problem without some people are unhappy. I guess that’s also why they have come to a standstill when it comes to providing people with feedback and just don’t do … . Normally that’s not so much of a problem but this is also felt by many guys (i know because many people told me on separated occasions) as unfair a system (almost exclusively when they fail to understand what’s the reason for the rejection) or a system which is not paying attention to authors. Many authors , from i could hear or read this far, feel like they are not considered, indeed, that their time, efforts and so on are not been taken into account.

the dialogue is not always has opened as expected , sadly. i GUess that creating a board of author representatives , sort of a syndicate if u wish, would be kind of a good idea indeed for authors to have their voices heard. After all , even NBA players have their own association / syndicate for players when it seems to me, that judging by what they earn, what they do for a living and so on , that they do not have so much to complain about lol

according to me, also, it seems that u are a bit misleading in this case. actually, the solution that u are offering is not arranging anything time wise, when this is the real issue for them not to provide authors with individualized messages when an item is hard rejected … . It would take some reviewers to get the job done and they would have to dedicate to this and spend a good deal of time … in addition , when would people consider that this is too old, not successful enough or too poor? (let me remind u that some poor old items are being much bought and considered as successful and they are not good design-wise for that matter … very often they are plain or flat and not highly creative as well, so this is hard to determine what u consider as old / ugly or too similar sometimes. Moreover, let me remind you that logos that u are talking about have been reviewed and accepted to be on sale here after going through a quality control. If they did so, it would be like having envato unjudging their reviewers when they are always backing them. Needless to say that they would have to deny many things about the current policy if they wanted to do … .

about the criticism revolving around items , lots of guys complain abut the quality of items and so on what i do not feel appropriate, whether we consider our own items inside or not. The fact of the matter is that there are a great variety of items, styles and everything and that anyone can find what they are aspiring to here , which is the real deal because buyers know they will find what they look for here … (including the people who want really basic or “flat” designs , and those people are not very few … that’s how u end up with very average items being sold very often.

finally i would like to comment on one last thing, u said that, beforehand, u had some exchanges with help center and so on and had a dialogue. Well, when it comes to u having your item approved after contacting them, i have personally never experienced somethign like that (and i assume that same goes for tons of guys) … beforehand , i used to contact the help center and had them backing decisions made without providing a real reason and, if i have not had any rejection for long now, the last time i had one, i tried to contact the help center (after envato reviewer provided me with an already-prepared message mentioning that for further details we had to deal with help center) and guess what?! they had answered that it was not possible for them to do anything, to give any feedback … which in a way is fine, i was not dreaming or expecting anything too much anyway and knew that my item would not be reconsidered or whatever. In tis case , i just think that there’s no need to provide people with this kind of sentence if, in the end, the help center that u are supposed to contact ends up saying we cannot do anything, cannot provide with any feedback … . All people would save some time if they took out out these kinds of sentences from the pre-made replies …

This happened to me too, a lot lately, but i never requested support reply, and i’m okay with thinking “the criteria has gone up and i need to improve”.
But then checking new logos approved and you see some works (about just 5%) which would probably not even get accepted even back then (i am starting to think reviewers don’t even check the logos submitted by elite authors, they just click approved). The inconsistencies of Envato reviewers are very massive, it’s like watching a movie with lots of plot holes, frustrating. :frowning:

I agree with you. You can not delete certain files to those who have loaded. It would be unfair.

The mistake of not check and select well the logo category came first, and is now irreversible.

For the union, hehe, maybe, it would be nice. many countries there are still not arrived to think it.
Here in Italy there is still a union of the graphic work. And many (customers) do not even consider it a serious work.

maybe, the only thing I notice is that I seem to play the lottery. Sometimes find the good revisor approving the works, and sometimes find the revisor bad who reject many works

I do not believe this, I agree that the controls have become more stringent, but they check all, elite or not

At least they tend to be a little biased towards it. There are some really bad logos by one author that is elite and gets approved a lot.

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no all guys are on an equal footing in my view , newcomers and elite this is all the same , now if u ask me , yes i think that some styles are judged as more fitting the marketplace style than some others and that’s a bit breaking creativity …

no there’s no “union” much more an association of guys to get to have voices hears, that’s what people would really need indeed but anyway, there will never be anything like this.

for what u mentioned, this is for sure, lots of people do not realize the kind of hard work that being a designer actually is … lots of customers do not want to take into account what professionals are willing to explain and do not want designers to share the knowledge that they have acquired for years and in the end drive u to do the thing the way they want, even if this is totally inefficient a product that they make u create … . People think that it takes no skill and no professional special training to be a designer , that anybody can do as long as they use a computer when this is the other way around. People think that “all we have to do is click” but that’s just the other way around , it takes a lot of time, dedication and so on to create something good following rules of this job and following the way people are acting nowadays … . Most of the people are not aware of how things work and how they hurt themselves out of failing to understand or out of failing to let people who know get the job done for them , that’s a fact, a great deal of the people cannot figure out that we are living in an era of communication vehiculated by the image, as well as they fail to understand that in most cases people do not want and do not have time to read and that u have to impact people visually so that u have a chance to have people receiving a flyer or whatever keeping the document or getting into deeper details in shirt to convey the message that u wanted to deliver … .

yeah, association of guys can be good… but this forum don’t help us ahah

united we stand, divided we fall … lol

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