Lol, Hard Reject. Are Reviewers Really Competent ?

Hi Folks!

So today I have Hard Reject ))))
It’s a bit strange actually but let’s see. Here is a link to a preview of the rejected project.

It’s a Hand painted transitions.

Any Ideas What’s Going on Here. Is it time to move to another Market ? : )


I like the design, looks professional, don’t really see any reason for rejecting… ((

Thanks for your opinion mate ! yes, it’s strange, especially without any explanation from their side.
I’ve contacted to Envato Support so I hope we will solve this Misconception together: )

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Good luck with it!

Ta Dammmm…
And Here Envato answer comes:

If your item has been Hard Rejected, it cannot be re-submitted without first making a significant number of changes. The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.
While we are unable to provide any further feedback.
Oh pure guys. I’m so sorry that I pushed you work so hard : )))

Frustrating Answer.
I need The reason why it had been rejected.
Real reason. Not that spam-like stuff.
I’m professional Designer. I’m not a beginner. So I would like to hear something reasonable from you.
Where is your respect for Authors, Envato?

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That’s to be expected… (((
I really like your project and I suppose it was very time consuming to produce…
The most disappointing thing is that there’s no any informative feedback about the reason of rejection.

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Yes, it is disrespectfully from their side.

What are you going to do with this project now?

Oh I don’t know.
I will give it some time. I will contact Support again may be.
I thought about Pond and other marketplaces but it needs time to adapt it for these markets. Now I’m excited about my three projects in development so do not want back to it right now.
Actually, I started to think about my own website to sell products because Envato is too slow and disrespectful. And google Ad gives a lot of opportunities these days if you really care about your design and products.
There is a lot of great creatives who sell their products by themselves. It seems like Envato really going down these days.
And I love Envato market actually but it seems like something going wrong there.

good idea and it looks good, you lack here on speed, think like editor, some transitions takes 3 seconds to reveal, if Im about to use your template it would not suit me, couse takes too much time to reveal. If you could make little more and to make them do things faster maybe u will go trough. Like I said it looks good the only reason here is time and speed. Faster !!!

Good luck.

Thanks mate!
Maybe some day I will get back to this project.

Despite having my recent sales profile, I have been a user of Envato for 6 years in another account. I’ve been working in advertising for 15 years. What I think now that I started selling and I’ve had 3 items rejected, is that every reviewer has an opinion. While one does not approve of your project, another may well approve. In short, if your project does not please the personal taste of the reviewer, he will reject with that mechanical response that his work is unprofessional. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I only write well in Portuguese.

To get an idea of ​​the displiscence of the reviewers, I did my project in Apple Motion and it was approved quickly, and then days later I remade that same project for After Effects. The reviewer simply rejected it. Even though I explained that it would be a version already approved in Motion 5 and with good sales. He replied that the project did not meet the buyers’ needs and was not professional. Well, one reviewer approves the project made in Motion 5. And the other reviewer says the same thing made for AE is not professional? Something is wrong with these revisions. Can someone from Envato team try to explain?

I think that in Huge companies like Envato People always will be just Biological Material. Just read an article about Apple’s factories in low dev. countries, workers suicide, and stuff. They always trying to make more sales so all this politics is about more more more sales. Quality will never be the first thing Never! Only quantity! They just can’t manage stuff properly like small companies do. It’s almost impossible to manage a huge company well. Maybe Google does it well enough I don’t now.

What I mean by that is:
There is No Respect to Authors who really love what they do, and really love that bs platform.
They are looking for Only Profit! And this profit is not Ideas and Craft.

Why not? Go for it Do it.

They can’t explain it properly.
The structure is very complicated and destructed. It’s not one person: )

The next step will be AI I believe. AI will answer to our requests and they will be happy to see this process.

I think Envato’s way of “qualifying” most projects is WRONG. The justification is always compared to the best-selling projects. “We will not approve projects with less quality than the best ones.” As well? So, by comparing the sale of cars, if they had this thought, would they only sell cars on the level of Ferraris, Lamborghini, Mercedez and so many others? For this there are CATEGORIES, why not approve a project that does not compare to the most complex sold in Envato? I’m not saying to approve “crap.” I’m saying that the website needs to change its concepts to the users that keeps it alive to this day. Because Envato turns into an Orkut and then …? Ends. I think so, there should be more consistency on the part of the revisions. I think everyone should have a chance to have their projects for sale and “compete” with each other, within what was created. Who wants to buy, who buy. From the most complex to the simplest serving the taste of the buyer.

In your analogy, Envato aren’t just accepting Ferraris and Lamborghinis… they’re accepting everything from Ferraris to Fords, Nissans and KIAs. It’s just that they’re (in most cases) turning away kit cars that have been whipped up in people’s garages.

Everyone does have have a chance to have their projects for sale and “compete” with each other… but they need to pass review first. Like everybody has a chance to win an olympic medal, but they first have to get accepted onto the national team and qualify for their event.

I can appreciate that inconsistency in reviews can be frustrating, but it’s a subjective business, reviewing creative works, so not everybody is going to agree. I mean, how could items be reviewed without some kind of subjective, opinion-based decisions?

How to explain the rejection of a project made in AE that was already for sale in the Apple Motion version and with good sales? The reviewer of the AE project went so far as to say that it was not professional. But in the version made in Motion 5, the reviewer approved. That is at least very STRANGE.

See above, and/or below!

I can appreciate that inconsistency in reviews can be frustrating, but it’s a subjective business, reviewing creative works, so not everybody is going to agree.

I think it should not be BS like “Britain got talent”. It’s not a show. It’s mostly a professional control. But still…are they all really professionals? Of course, not coz of a big amount of projects deluge this market. So they need a lot of reviewers I think. And this is a bottleneck where the Quality of reviewers drops.