I need your help : share our experiences to "NOT REJECTED!"

Hi VideoHive authors,

As i know, most of authors hard rejected for one or more time in their submissions.:confused:

There is some Common Rejection Reasons in envato help center, which explain “Why?!” ,but in some cases (specially in “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”) it’s all about art and how your design looks .

Usually after completing a project -for any customer not envato only- I take a look at it and say “Wow! boy you are awesome , how could someone not love it at all?!”:grin:

But eventually when i come back after a month and take a look at to my last project i recognize there were lots of points in my project which i didn’t see them or i could do some small things to make it better than my final.

Here is the things , I guess if we :

  • Share our previews before uploading or maybe after rejected
  • Use each other’s opinion
  • Hear about buyers demands and requests
  • and talk about techniques

Can improve our quality and skills ,Finally earn more money!:moneybag:

For beginning in next post, I’ll upload preview video of my last project which unfortunately Rejected before this summer.

Here is the preview of my last rejected item
Which part of this don’t you like and how can i make it better?!
tnx :blush:

It’s the colours for me, I don’t think they look good. Like Marty McFly’s baseball cap from Back to the Future 2.


I think some more solid, complimentary colours would work better.

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:joy: The cap was the best example at all.
Thank you, I think you right, I received this feedback earlier.

i dont like the small squares that have in the beginning and in the end. i mean the blue ones, not sure if its the color, the animation or both of those things. try to focus on it as well.

thank u buddy :wink: