Item Rejected - Please Help

Hey Guys - My Item was rejected but I have worked very hard on this project and I feel this would be a great addition to videohive. Please watch the demo video and tell me if I should reupload it, or change something and then send it back?
or should I just accept that this wont get approved?

Link -

If I get some people saying that it was good I will reupload it and request videohive to reconsider.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t think its a quality issue, maybe it got rejected because of the overcrowded title category.

Great project indeed. Very strange situation :frowning:

Great project. Can’t understand why the rejection

The project looks good. But I think it’s due to the fact that all titles in the previews start like with seredny.

After such a nice and positive support I decided to upload again and I told them that everyone who commented thought it was a good template and they decided to approve it! :smiley:
Thank you once again :slight_smile:

Congrats! So you did not make any changes??? You just upload it again???

He asked to community as rejection comment directed. He got positive comments. People agree that nothing wrong with project. And he upload it again. So what’s wrong ???

This is strange because it is against the rules, in which it says that you can not download the project repeatedly without changes. And when people upload the project without changes, they usually get warnings

While what you are saying is true.
My project was already very good and there have been cases where the checker has made mistakes and rejected good projects which were later approved when they had no changes made to them.
That’s why I waited a long time to get opinion from many people and when they all said it was good only then I reuploaded it. :slight_smile:

So, if someone got a hard reject, he can ask his friends to leave good comments and reupload the project again? I’m not talking about you now (you have a good project :+1:)
Purely hypothetically, someone can do it as I wrote

Yes offcourse. No offence taken.
The hypothetical situation that you just presented has one flaw. Envato and Videohive forums are very active and I have seen some big names leave their comments here to support each other and share info.
In your hypothetical situation - the uploader believes his project is good and shouldn’t have been hard rejected but other people will give flaws to him in the forums. And when I was uploading my work again I told the checker in the comments box that they can check my forums post. Everyone said that the project was good.

So not only I. But everyone thinks that the project is good and it is actually good - therefore I think the checker approved the project.

If the project is flawed no matter how many friends say its good in forums I dont think that checker will approve it :slight_smile:

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While this is too hypotetic to be real lets assume its possible then nobody forcing other authors to not comment or criticize ? For example you are very welcome to say its boring etc ? Then what ?

I am 99% sure that:

  1. authors are not supposed to do this (otherwise what’s the point in the rejection message sayin don’t do it?) and that it could end in problems.

  2. lilewise I am almost certain that reviewers do not have time to come here and read feedback let alone take forum comments into consideration.

My guess would be that in this scenario it’s a lot more simple and straight forward - the item was relatively good (I have no video expertise to judge) and while the author was lucky that it didn’t get picked up as a duplicate submission, a different reviewer saw it that time and approved it.

In my first rejection email I was told to ask for help abt the template in the forums and that is what I did.
After a month when everyone said it was good and it had no problems I thought it would be a good idea to upload it again. So I did what I was told to do.

And I have seen reviewers leave comments on my posts before?..

I don’t think there is anything wrong in reuploading the files after you did what you were told to do.
I asked for help in creating a better file and I was told that it was good and should have been approved.

If hard rejected as per your original rejection the feedback is pretty clear that it’s not supposed to be resubmitted as is.

This can be overcome with significant changes, and It doesn’t really matter in this case as your item has been approved.

All we are doing is stressing the generic feedback and typical guidelines (unless you know of somewhere which says you can resubmit without modification?) so that there is no risk of confusion in case it worked differently for someone else.