Your item has been rejected! Help

Hi everybody!
Please explain why the project was rejected.
And what needs to be changed to be approved?

@MotionRevolver @placdarms


project have nice design style but for what purpose it? Who will be buy it? And it become very boring after 20 seconds

I thought this project could be used in advertising. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it!

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Sorry, but all i see is some text on a white background.
You need to change a whole idea, i think. This project is too slow and easy.
Best wishes ! )

Thanks for the feedback!

Nothing wrong with it. I have noticed that videohive reviewers won’t allow stuff through that have aesthetically non-intrusive feel to it. Try finding an opener for DIY blog, puppy training or something similar in videohives portfolio. You probably will be left with very few projects to choose from. Videohive selection has this “it has to punch you in the face” mentality where all the clips have to be shiny and explosive like a super bowl opener, even if you’re selling greek yogurt - it has to explode. It’s a bit tricky marketplace for designers who prefer japanese, scandinavian etc design principles. Envato is an US oriented company so it comes with the territory.

I would like to see also videohive reviewer to widen their selections and understand that simple isn’t bad. Graphics have to match the content. You can’t put together crazy 3d animation and a content about handmade woollen socks. Or you can’t use super flashy graphics when rest of the content isn’t that flashy and so on.

It’s sad that Envato doesn’t respect their author enough to give them proper feedback. It’s usually some auto-reply with very little info why person who spent days, weeks or months producing content for them can’t get approved. Very frustrating.

I would easily see your ad been used for some kind of summer promotion for soda pop. Easily.
Keep up the good work and my advice would be to find clients IRL and not produce content only for Envato.

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Simple is never bad, but simple still has to be designed and executed very well. We accept plenty of simple templates on a very regular basis.

Where problems arise is when we have too many of the same simple templates and the market becomes over-saturated with identical content, or items that don’t offer anything creatively new or different.

Search the term “minimal” in the AE category. We currently have 7,386 “simple” items :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback! Absolutely agree with you!
Two months ago I received a refusal for the project, and decided to upload it to another account. And when I got approval on it, it started to sell every day! And for 2 months I collected 71 sales! Here he is

Think about it! Simply, it does not mean bad!

I am done! Thank you

Blockquote Where problems arise is when we have too many of the same simple templates and the market becomes over-saturated with identical content, or items that don’t offer anything creatively new or different.

Videohive is full of almost indentical content and that largely because of poor reviewing process. Envato’s lack of feedback to their authors is one factor why no one is willing to produce original content. There’s simply too big risk to get rejected just out of the blue. No explanation, no guidelines. “We don’t approve. Do not resubmit again!” That doesn’t give author a very clear guideline for future submission. And who is willing to spend days or weeks working to just try their luck? For that reason alone Envato’s portfolio isn’t as versatile as it could be. Also when you think that reviewing process is subjective then the situation gets even worse.

@exvideo I apologize in advance for hijacking your topic for a moment, but:

I submitted a project some time ago that got also rejected. It was simple project, but it wasn’t something that could be found in videohive’s portfolio. My client looked for an alternative and couldn’t find anything usable from videohives selection. So I made a new one for them. Sadly when I tried to submit it to videohive marketplace they thought that this project (that had real life demand and clients) wasn’t good enough for submission. I was left confused. Does someone behind the desk simply pulls the plug if they don’t think that submitted work is “cool enough” for their standards? Doesn’t buyers get to decide? What is going on actually?

Maybe it would be helpful if the reviewer could link three or even two alternatives for my submisson from that 7386 projects that my client couldn’t find a suitable one. A top 1-99 list animation that is suitable for list of dogs etc. I’m pretty sure there’s few or non to choose from. And that makes me doubt in Envato’s reviewing process. Why don’t they want to broaden their selection?

I have two more projects ready to submit, but I can’t find the motivation to spend days preparing them for the marketplace just to hope for the best with no clear guidelines nor belief in it’s design choices. I think that there is room for improvement when we talk about valuing authors and communicating guidelines and providing the feedback.