Your item was rejected


I just received the rejected mail from the staff. They said that it doesn’t meet the ‘standard quality’ criteria. The fact is that I’ve worked for the last week on the project. The funny part is that I’ve seen other projects that used ‘Animation Composer’ and they didn’t included one keyframe in their project, and those projects are live on videohive. My project wasn’t made with any third party everything was made in After Effects with keyframes and Illustrator. I know the project shouldn’t have received a green line from the first submission, but I was expecting to get some good feedback and a simple rejection without the possibility to re-submit the project again.


The concept was good but the animation looks flat & design is very dated.

Color gamma is very bad. Some details placed too close to the edges. Sometimes animation is too rough. It looks a lil bit outdated. And I don’t think that is could be useful for any buyers. Item must be customazible, and diverse. Just explore the market to know what the types of projects are successful

For what I know ‘Animation Composer’ is a tool for applying basic principles of animation to your designs, study that first. Your icon design skills and color scheme are fine, however you should polish the infographics layout, making it more easy to read using the animation, hope that helps!

Well, I’m trying to keep a flat effect to it.

I’ve explored the market, there are a lot of this ‘ready made videos’ about marketing and web design, etc. Well mine is fairly customizable. Every color can be changed easy. Regarding the color gamma, yes I’m going to change it.

Indeed it is a Tool, a great one actually and I use it for my other projects, but since I was trying to sell something on VideoHive I wanted to make it look more professional making it with key-frames, I guess that didn’t do the job :). I will work on the infographics. That was what I expected to get from the reviewers, feedback, but no. That way I will never know what was wrong with the project from their perspective. Thank you.