Yep, another rejected project... ;)

My first project was rejected with the remark that I cannot send it again. But before we even prepare a new project, I would like to ask you what is so bad about it that I can’t improve it, only throw it into the bin according to Envato :upside_down_face:

too simple, too outdated.
Don’t really like the color scheme you chose for the preview as well.

What Creattive said… and it all just seems a bit too fast as well.

It’s literally just a couple shapes getting scaled up and moved around, never give up and keep learning. it took me years and lot’s of practice.

Good luck.

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Hi, what struck me immediately was the incredible speed of the transitions … every animation, even the simplest, must have the right rhythm, an adequate reading time. I confess that I have been studying the projects of the great authors of VideoHive for many years and one thing I would like to learn is to recognize my mistakes before proposing a project. It is really difficult especially when this takes you for a long time. My advice is, once you think a project is ready to be proposed, let a day or two pass. After that look at the new releases and try to understand if your project is up to the competition. In the end, those who judge the projects to be included in the VideoHive catalog have the difficult task of choosing only the best. It is our task as authors to help raise the level of production, with enthusiasm and a lot of study. I hope I was helpful. Frank