My first project has been rejected? help me guys?

Hi guys
I need some advice for me Please what i do now
how to do better than this project? What is the my fault? Please Help me & Advice me
Thank you guys
Uploaded project

Veeeery simple animations with bad timing . Flat colors. Lack of details. Ugly and oblate fonts.
Sorry :frowning:

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Thanks for the reply. :smiley:
What should i do? how to do approve? Any tips? Please :smiley:

there’s no way to improve anything. Drop this project and move on. Do some new project, learn animation principles … and good luck !

There´s always a chance to improve. Try to watch tutorials about motion and keyframes velocity and interpolation, easy ease and graph editor to set in and out of a curve and make animation smoother and more fluid, anyway I see there´s some of this in your work but needs to be improved. And an important thing to do is watching titles works already approved on Videohive to see what you have to improve, trendy fonts to use, etc. It would be nice to see constructive feedback here and not just saying “ugly, bad, drop this or that or there´s no way about anything”, this is lack of constructive feedback, which is main idea here.
Good Luck and Don´t Give Up!!

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don’t give up. because day by day everyone still studying.
Good luck!!

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