I need help !My first project got rejected!Please!


Hello, Help!
I received two hard rejects for my projects. I ask you to point out my mistakes so that I can take them into account in my further work. Thank you and Envato for the opportunity to work on videohive!

Do they look bad?


Is that a lobster holding its hand in front of the lens in the first animation?


I think both projects lack of animation work needed to be approved. It´s always same transitions and no variations. Motion has to flow from start to end of the project and I guess this is not the case. Everything close too abruptly, almost without connection from scene to scene, for both projects.
Keep working and good luck! :+1:


Thank you for your reply,They’re not continuous, they’re just a separate logo presentation.


It’s just a silk cloth:rofl:


Yes, I know, that´s why I mentioned “for both projects” in my opinion above.