My First Project Rejected by Videohive


Hello Beautiful people.

My first logo intro project is rejected by videohive, but i think there is everything perfect in my project.
But anyways i need some advice to approve my project.
can you give me some adivce?
video link here
thanks in advance


No one can provide feedback on your item without a link to the video :wink:


here is the video link please check it


There’s too many things wrong with it. Font choice is bad, animation is too linear and minimalistic, plain gradient backgrounds were never good, but the biggest problem is consistency between effects.

Your project can be broken down in 3 separate UNRELATED projects: minimal text reveal, weird random rainbow color transition, and distort ripple logo reveal.

Now this may sound mean, but this is the type of project that is done by people who have 2 weeks of experience with After Effects, you can’t expect it to compete by projects done by others with years of experience.

but i think there is everything perfect in my project.

You need to see and analyze a lot more projects, check out the recently approved projects and try to figure out what makes them good. Good luck


Thanks for help