Videohive: Rejection! Feedback please.

Hello. I’m a new author. I’ve uploaded 2 projects & one of them rejected, other is still waiting(I hope this one won’t reject).

If anyone gives me any feedback would be really helpful. Here is the link of preview of my rejected rejected project.



Hi, the animation is static, give more camera movements, distortion, more elements (leaks), gradients of colors, and the logo I personally see very big the truth, watch your competition in videohive and compare it with yours, regards.

Hello. Thanks for the feedback. Actually, project itself is 3d & it’s easy for me to put different camera angles & movements. Lights & glitches aren’t too hard to put in it. I also watched the last approved logo reveal project previews. Half of them are really amazing, but other half isn’t that great.

Yes, you have all the reason they are not all excellent to be approved but the famous “minimal animation” but for recommendations that have made me think that you have to be very self-critical with yourself and without doubt must be a very commercial item that Many like not just a few.