need your help, two projects have been rejected!


my name is Jamal from Germany, this is my First topic, I really need your help to know why my project still reject here I have followed all the instruction and important notes, I have an email from Videohive but still no clear I need a clear reason to try fix that in future,

this is the last one have rejected, it’s a minimal style:

looking forward to your Advice.

Thanks in advance

Hi, @JamalSallami what did you received in the mail? soft reject or hard reject?
And also how was your file? Is it well organised?

Sorry, but it’s very simple. Nothing special and nothing new. There are thousands similar project on Videohive. You should find some creative and unique idea

Hello KCMediaOfficial,

Thanks for being here to help me, I do not know exactly what it is !, but you can read the email here:

I’m fine :slight_smile: thanks, what about you?

I really appreciate your interest in the subject,
thanks again and waiting for your response.


Hello Romlam,

Thanks for being here to help me, I really appreciate your interest in the subject.
I will promise you that I take your words seriously.
i see more project in the Minimal Style, there are many ideas been seams!

thanks again and looking forward yo you response.