Hello. My project was rejected, can you help me?


Yesterday I did upload my new presentation project and today I received a message with hard reject by quality.
What’s wrong with my project?

Wath it here please:

Thanks for your help!

Hi. In my opinion, the shapes design is not good, many colors but with no sense at all, no gradients or anything with more design work. It lacks of elements on screen, just a few circles and crosses, low quality transitions, no text work or animation, background is really poor. Sorry for being honest, but it´s what I see if I compare with other presentations on Videohive. You need a lot of work to improve in my opinion. Try to watch this author´s projects, he has many many slideshows and presentations with excellent quality, I guess this is what will really help you the most:
[link removed]
Good Luck!

@romlam why did you remove the example link I gave to the author above? I’m not the author on that link, there’s no selfpromotion. Just an example for @uxmotions so he/she can see presentations approved as a reference.

You can just leave links to similar projects.
For example:

I just gave a link to a portfolio with many presentations examples instead of individual examples. What´s the difference? Sorry I ask

Hello! Thank you for your review, I think it will be useful for me. I already seen your link, keep calm)

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I can always link to my friend’s portfolio, and he will link to my portfolio everywhere. It’s not technically self-promoting, but …
I do not accuse you of any fraudulent conspiracies, but I nevertheless ask you to refrain from linking to the portfolios of specific authors. Thank you

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You´re welcome, just tried to help you
Good Luck! :+1:

Ok. Reference link to individual projects yes and not to individual authors portfolios. Fair enough. I understand. Thank you for the explanation @romlam :+1: