Hard Reject - Can you please give me some useful feedback?

Hi everyone!

My item was hard rejected and the reviewer didn’t give any useful feedback, just a standard reply as you may know.

So, can you help me understand why my item was rejected and help me improve it?

Here’s my item: https://youtu.be/jxRobwhlj3I

I see so many [word removed] stuff in videohive that I don’t really understand the criteria.

Thanks in advance!


it’s too simple and the marketplace is also saturated with these kind of slideshow openers.
Quality wise it does not excel in its category, style-wise it feels not thought through. The overshooting text animation does neither feel fitting to the music nor the speed and rhythm of the rest of the work.

General layout is minimalistic but with minimalism comes a need for high quality execution of whatever is there, and this does not adhere to this standard.

I’m sorry if this is also a generic “it is bad” answer, but you are entering a niche that is both very saturated and the minimal flat look is harder to execute good than it might seem.

My tip: Create something innovative and new as your next item. I can basically buy the exact same type of item with much better execution already on the marketplace.

The reason you see lesser Quality work on videohive is either because they were approved a long time ago when quality standards were not as high or you are biased towards the quality of your own work. If I take a look at the recently accepted AE projects, they are of good quality.


Thanks for your honest reply!

I get what you said, and thanks for the insight!

This is the kind of feedback that we should get from the reviewers!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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