why my project hard rejected

they left this message for me
Thank you for taking the time to submit your item. Unfortunately this item does not meet our quality requirements and cannot be accepted at this time.

We receive a lot of slideshow/presentation-themed animations, and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects. Because there is so much competition in this genre, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution. Unfortunately, this project does not offer much new, nor provide an outstanding visual quality that would over-perform those projects we already have.

iam really confused :tired_face:

Excellent project(preview), I’m shocked why not take, I think 60% everyday of what was added on videohive is worse than yours. I’m really at a loss, you do not violate the copyright? With the project everything is fine? I looked your portfolio, and these two projects is worse than this(no offense), and these two good, but this is even better so why not accept it? I do not understand…

iam amazed like u :slight_smile: