I need to understand why my work was Hard rejected.

Need some feedback. Please help me understand this rejection. This is my 8th reject this year. Every time I’m rejected here I upload somewhere else. I make some sales but I believe I would make more here though I’m almost giving up on videohive.

I think it was rejected because design is too simple. Just some layers revealing one over the other, and background is all plane white, no smooth gradients or some soft light or vignette. There are a lot of logos with multilayer reveal already on Videohive, with much better quality.
Try to watch other approved examples first to see the quality and complexity level of design required nowadays. It’s the best way to learn why your items can be rejected.
Good Luck!

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Thank you for your positive feedback.


Do not copy a template that is on Videohive. This is not inspiration. This is the copy. Create unique template.

Nope I did not copy anyone’s work. If I did please post the link of the work I copied here. And If any it’s by pure coincidence. PLEASE Do not tarnish OR TRY TO SMEAR my PROFILE sir/madam.

I think it’s not a coincidence.
if I remember, reviewers remember more. Make unique templates. I found one similar.

I’m sure there are more examples.

same concept but completely different design from mine. Does it mean if I make my own design of glitch reveal I have copied yet there are a whole lot of them on videohive?

Yes. Pure coincidence and the design is totally different. I do not take it lightly when someone trys to discredit my hardwork.

You are right. Keep going like that :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m ready to learn and be corrected where I have gone wrong otherwise I would not have posted here to be corrected. But I can never copy someone’s work and claim it to be mine. I was expecting you to tell me what was wrong with my design so that it can be better than the one you posted.

I was not rude to you. I told you to do an original project. If you think your project is original, I think we will see you more in the forum. Your project may be important to you, but it is the same as another author’s project. Search videohive before starting the project. Time is very very precious.

Also, no one has to prove to you that the project is a copy. I spent my time sending you an example.

I don’t think anyone’s project is original here. We all copy or borrow ideas every where to get inspired but your own intepretation and creativity is what makes it different from the rest. I gave an example of the GLITCH templates on here. I agree I need to improve and I do not claim that my design is the best otherwise the reviewer wouldn’t have rejected it. I was offended when you wrote I copied someone’s work. That amount to saying I took someone’s work and presented it as mine.

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You ask for help and when someone with considerable success gives you such honest feedback you lash out at him. All of us think our projects are unique and worth having a thousand sales, but doesn’t mean it actually is.
It’s priceless when someone aligns our misaligned worldview.


You should carefully read what I wrote. My problem was him saying I copied someone else’s project.

And as you can see I never claimed my work was the best.

You don’t have to answer every single word headed your way. Let it go man.

You misunderstood me so I had to make things clear so that you understand where I’m coming from. Other people read this thread too I don’t want them thinking I’m a con.