Hard Reject different projects. Need advice and help.

I need an advice. Why are these projects rejected? The argument is not consistent with quality. Similar projects are accepted in large quantities. I have been working for more than 10 years and my projects are very well organized, I also have a lot of experience working with projects purchased on videohive, and I have seen and processed many different projects, both good and very bad. What do you advise me?

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Why this attitude, I want to understand.
Here is the project [link removed], which is built on a pre-render, organized worse than mine, but it was accepted. Is it because the author is an elite and his projects are not checked? Can anyone give me a clear answer.
ps 10 years ago templates were much higher quality and more diverse than now, but today reviewers give hard rejection for no reason

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Hi Zhvavyi. I want to insure you that review process is not depending on Auhtors Levels, Elite or Power Elite and so on, i have 5-6 reject now in a row and i am at almost 9 Level Author with 11 years videohive exprience. Now when reviewers are hidden and you can’t see who Reviewed your project, we can’t be sure that they are not changed from what they were in 2021 (when the Logo that you linked was approved), and maybe new reviewers in nowadays are more strict (or have other view on design). Try to make some improvements of your projects based on new approved template at this year, and i think they will be approved :wink:


in that case, I think reviewing is more like a lottery


Hi. I don’t have as much experience as an Envato author like you, but I do have a lot of experience on the buyer’s side. I don’t know how great your projects are organized and how cool they are technically done, but to be honest they have a weak design.
The example with the logo appearance you linked to is 2021. Trends change all the time and both of those cloud videos look old fashioned by now. Your example also has a weird eye in it, which very much limits the themes where this template could be applied.
Both promos are also out of design (especially the second). The first is ok but looks like hundreds of others that allready on Envato. The second, I would say, also looks not very perfect technically.
It’s very common, that autors with many years experience and good technical skills are loosing touch with the trends of today and using the same things like before. But it doesn’t sell anymore.

Thank you for your opinion, but it would matter if it applied to all projects. Look at the new projects, these are clones of 90% of projects. I won’t talk about design, artistic value and trends, it’s just missing as a phenomenon.

What is the difference with my projects?
design, trends, uniqueness? Or maybe the reviewer has his own interest when he rejects some projects and accepts others?
[link removed]

Yes, you are right, these two projects have many similarities. And this opener raises also a lot of questions about design. But on the editing and transitions side, it looks more dynamic, though not perfect. I too have gotten hard rejections for some projects without understanding why at all. And I wrote a very long letter in support of Envato on this topic. Of course, I didn’t get any satisfaction from their response. At the end of the day it looks like the reviewers don’t have clear rules about which project is worthy and which is not. They have to decide this at their own discretion. And since there are a lot of reviewers and everyone has different ideas of beauty, we end up with two similar projects, one of which is selected and the other is not. It’s just that they were viewed by different people. I don’t think the reviewers have anything against you personally when they reject your project. Of course, it is frustrating and sometimes very annoying that the word of the reviewers is the last word and the authors have no opportunity to disput their decision at some next level of the Envato management hierarchy.

I analyzed all sections of AE, and I can say that reviewers approve identical projects from “studios” (I won’t name these studios, you can see for yourself) with minimal changes, BUT when a person submits his project, reviewers reject it 90%. And it does not depend on design and trend.
Only one question - corruption or lottery?

I don’t think it’s corruption. Although I don’t deny the idea that the projects of authors who have a lot of sales will be more willing to apply than unknown authors. Simply because they are already well known and have their own circle of buyers. On Envato it’s all about money in the end.
And yes, for us it’s more like a lottery.

By the way. I am a new author and this year I have got only one hard rejection.