soft rejected then hard rejected

hi you guy there.
I have been rejected before, not a big issue there.
but this time I feel really sad.

I tried hard this time to get approved. I decided to follow envato instructions for my item being approved. yes, I read the suggestions envato writes you when they hard reject you and did all that.

I took the decision this time to make an item that can be approved. I also made the music

hard rejected item, here.
this is the story of my rejection.
I uploaded an item in videohive after effects category to be review.

at first, it got Soft Rejected because minor issues.
1)I forgot to capitalize the tittle. It was a little mistake I did not noticed.
2) My render queue was not cleaned
3) one asset appeared missing (that one was my own logo, I removed it and forgot to update)
that was it.
no a big deal huh?
I corrected everything very easy. took me like 5 min. and re-submitted it.

i got a second soft rejection because a total different reason.
it was this."Please add line breaks in the readme file, right now it’s just two very long lines of text."
this is a total different reason. so I corrected. this time I made a detail help PDF file for customer to follow along. the read.txt file was adjusted. now it is shorter. just contain 2 links that send customer to a video tutorial and link for the music.

now I got hard rejected and get the same " item does not met the minimum quality standars bla bla bla bla bla." we al know

how on earth you envato staff make authors lose their valuable time on correcting a soft rejected item if at the end of the day you hard reject them?. this is not just disrespectful but also un-professional. this time I see a clear and personal misconception of quality on your reviewers.
first 2 soft rejections were made for a well known elite author I admire here in videohive. I guess the hard rejection was made by a total different author that has, off course, a total different standard.

now I ask you, what? here is the link so you can see the item . any suggestions?
if you like it can you write a comment.
did not like it? please comment too.

I hope this can be seen by envato staff and maybe it can be reviewed once again. this is just crazy.!!!

It is really strange to get 2 soft and 1 hard reject. Can’t say anything about project, it may be look a bit rough but I like it. Maybe you should just polish it a bit visually - fix things you think should be looking better and resubmit it again. I understand situation sucks, but stay strong and don’t get discouraged, wish you best!

There is 2 options: 1 approver should be fired, or 2 other approvers shoul be fired.

it happens to me as well