Hard Reject

Hello, Moderators and Reviewers we have a complaint.

Recently we uploaded an animation pack of the planet Saturn. It was soft rejected with a specific problem that we fixed and re-uploaded.
Today we were notified that the item is hard rejected. This happens very often as our items are hard rejected without any given feedback,
other than hard reject.

The truth is that we currently have a total of 23 rejected items that required days, weeks and sometimes even months to complete. The items that are approved are similar to those that are rejected,
as we try to be consistent with our work.

Therefore, can the reviewers be more cautious and choose what to approve and what not, especially giving feedback on why the item is hard rejected.
As a new author on the market, we would like to know why the items are rejected so we could improve and that we are appreciated for the hard work.

We would like for you to reply to us on this issue.

Thank you.

Hi. I understand what you’re saying. But rejections with no specific feedback detailing the reasons are part of this. Because there are hundreds of items uploaded every day and it’s impossible for reviewers to give personalized feedback for every rejected work. I know it’s frustrating and we all authors have received rejections. All you can do is just working, uploading and trying to get your items approved.
Good luck!:+1:

It’s true, without exception, all authors get a tough rejection.
And, as I found out for myself, the rejection may not even be because you made a bad product. But because the category of this template is oversaturated and the Envato team wants to see better work.

In addition, it’s possible that in your case the project was evaluated by different people.

Also, if you fix something in the project, don’t forget to mention it when restarting the project.