All submissions getting hard rejection. Even after a long hold for second review.


My all submissions getting the hard rejection.
Here is a work. It was held for a long time for the second time review. And finally has been rejected. It seems a joke to me.

Can anybody tell me please, why it has been rejected hardly?

hi well technically speaking it looks well executed in my view but maybe this is a matter of style and marketability indeed. The fact of the matter is that the general style look a bit old fashion and that in this section they most importantly accept , as for i know, some colorful and modern type of templates

Thanks for reply.
The review team has been rejected my every single works. I’m thinking to move another marketplace.

if i were u i would try to keep on working hard and progressing and do not give up … not the solutin that u mentioned is a good one in order to make sure that u just do not “trash” your works, there is no doubt in my mind that u did your best and indeed this is not poor especially execution wise, i would just recommend that u to try to observe what is being accepted now for this kind of template and that u try to make your style and items evolve so that this is a bit in keeping, i mean so that u create more modern things and have more chance to get approved …

It is unlawful to be rejected without knowing the reason.
When we spend our precious time on creating a masterpiece, we must have right to know why it has been rejected. Or is this a dictatorship environment?

hey buddy, take it easy, think twice before doing something unconsiderate

I think Envato reviewers are not well expert & trained, which they should to be. Envato management should review of their reviewer’s activities.