Understanding Hard Rejections - Jump In Please

It’s been almost a year and my reviewer (yes I’ve noticed it’s always the same) keeps not accepting ANY of my new entries. He did accept this one some time ago: Movie Pack 01 - YouTube

But I am here because of the rejected ones. ALL of them were Hard Rejected with the message that it’s design does not meet Envato standards and etc etc. But I do believe that some of them are WAY BETTER than the one approved (Again by the same Reviewer)

Here are the Rejections from most recent to last:
1 (This morning) - Rain Logo Preview File - YouTube
2 - Christmas Card - YouTube
3 - Cinematic Logo - YouTube
4 - Tech Logo Company - YouTube

All of them seem cool to me? But maybe not? it’s all about perspective :slight_smile: but first your opinion.

Are they REJECTED animations for you?

The only thing I can think about is that maybe I am doing something wrong with the submission? Maybe bad formatting inside the project and with the files? Maybe bad Category attribution (I’ve heard they hard reject if you attribute it wrong) For the logos I set them as Opener Abstract.

Can anyone please take a look into one of these projects (Can send the file to you) to check if I am indeed doing something wrong that could trigger the rejection?

Hi. Sorry for your rejections. It’s frustrating. We all authors went through this. In my humble opinion, all your works are very basic about design and motion, I guess that’s the reason for rejection. Maybe years ago they would’ve been approved, but now the required quality level and competition are high. The Christmas card could’ve been approved if you worked more on the background and elements around main animation, because an empty background doesn’t help, there are tons of these Christmas projects with much better quality. The best thing you can do is watching approved projects in the same category of works you upload and check the quality needed to get an approval. And about the category you upload your items, if they are logos they should be in “logo stings” section, but anyway I think this is not the reason for your projects to be rejected.
Keep working and don’t give up!
Good luck! :+1:


I am not a motion designer but from customer point of view (highly subjective) all this examples looks too simple and generic. I mean better to have extra work and add some “style” to your projects. Good luck with your approvals. Rejects are frustraiting, but usually it just show you opportunity to grow and become better in every aspect.

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I can only second this awesome explanation. Your work is too basic and looks outdated. Go to behance, check the latest motion design staff picks, do your projects even resemble any of those features projects in style, complexity etc? Cause I think you projects look more like from 201*, when Andrew Kramer was uploading those reflective floor After Effects tutorials :smiley: So again just always keep on following whats happening and try to adapt your skills and execution to that.


Thank You all for your replies.

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