9 hard rejects in 3 weeks.

Hi people, I am little on the edge here since in last 3 weeks I got 9 hard rejects cause:

“The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria.”

I got 1 project accepted and all the next ones I am doing have same setting and same structure, so they are all just drop image and edit text with no plugins, but still I got rejected. I’m trying my best and I agree they may be simple and not so top notch like top authors make there projects with this parallax and optical flares, but still if that is the case why not reject item with explanation like: “all is good but animation is too simple for our standarts” or “we have a lot of projects like this already” - this ones I can understand. What I can’t understand is how can I possibly meet minimum design, animation, and technical requirements if there is none written anywere.

Here is some of the projects that being rejected. I will appreciate any advice on what can be improved or what are these minimum design, animation, and technical requirements . But I seriously doubting reviewing process for its fairness…

Guess, this is help I can get from this responsive and friendly community…

Hi, reviewed all of your rejected projects and my opinion logo animations seem to have very similar animation or animation elements and could have more complicated animation. Adding something from 12 principles of animation, such as anticipation, overlapping and so on, right now its too linear. Hope that helps, as I have been twice rejected myself.

Thank you, friend!

As for openers … I think you have to change the interpolation. Do it so that each transition slowed down at the end of the animation. The transition should be smoother.

Thank you!

I can say your works are good and high quality! When I thinking about what kind of music should I create, I often watching different videohive works. I really don’t know why they were rejected (((

Thank you for such warming words!

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All those projects are really very simple. Too simple to be accepted.
Keep on working and learning new stuff. These days criteria for projects is very strict, so every author should try hard

I have 2 simple projects on sale, similar to this. As I said, in the first post, why not say in hard reject letter that project is to simple instead of not meet quality standard. Simple projects are accepted on daily basis from Monday to Friday you can find 2-3 simple projects accepted every day, so I think this is not the case. Also I don’t understand what simple you refer to. Is it simple animation, is it simple project structure, is it simple what?

Thanks for answer, but it not helps.

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I uploaded 10 videos of dancing crowd with good colorful backlight. And I got the same answer for 9 of clips. Reviewers approved only one - not the most interesting. What for? If you don’t like whole series - reject all. If you think they are looks similar - why approve not the best of them?

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Guess it is top secret, like who killed Kennedy, how reviews are conducted >_<

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Yeah definitely make the keyframes a little more natural. Like others said, these animations are very competitive so you gotta spend a lot of time on em.

Also work on having a key feature that people are interested in. I’m finding it’s not always about how complex it is, it’s about if there’s a feature that fits their criteria; al la modularity, custom timing, plugins, etc. Put yourself in the buyers shoes.