My 3rd project was hard rejected

Hi! My 3rd project was hard rejected. It is rather minimalistic, although in my opinion it has more interesting design than some projects on the videohive. Can you help me to understand the reason of rejection? I am really very upset about this.
Thank you!

Hi, I’m sorry for the rejection, they always suck…

I think it was rejected due to some animations being to ridig/not eased eough, and the general design/animation look being the same as many other similar projects. If you’re going to do the same style as many best selling already approved proejcts, you must do it exceptionally. If you can’t do that, pick an unique animation technique or design style and go for that. It will give you much more chances of approval than averagely mimicing what already exists in great quantities.

If you want to keep this project idea and improve upon it I would say work on easing the animations more, and think of something even more unique to add animations vise and definitely improove on design - maybe even complete remove the most basic and repetitive designs by comparing your project to already approved ones and then you’ll see which designs repeat endlessly and which maybe haven’t yet been done - focus on keeping those and creating more of them.

But honestly I would just drop this idea - it’s nothing new, and will only make getting an approval harder. Focus on finding new ideas and mixes of them: like titles, titles with glass, titles with glitch, with fog?? And so on, creativity can be endless, use it :smiley:

I hope this helps! :smiley: Good luck!

Thank you very much for your reply! It seemed to me that there were not as many titles with shadows on the videohive as in my project. I thought this was the feature of my project) So I was wrong.
Indeed, there are many projects of the same type on the videohive, but in my project there are animations that I have not seen anywhere else.
Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to notice the difference between the quality of many approved projects and mine. So I should try myself in other directions.

I think you were looking too much into the details and missed the whole picture - which look the same. I didn’t even notice the shadows that much while watching your project :sweat_smile: There was this other color dublicating text, but it didn’t register to me as shadows :sweat_smile:

Well :sweat_smile:
I’ll try to redo the project when the emotions subside. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thank you again for your reply. I didn’t have anyone to ask for advice.

Take your time! To your credit you did design the texts well and there were good animations too :smiley: It’s just the overall same style and some details.

woooow! this is the best moment of today!!! :joy:really! thaaaank youuuu! :vulcan_salute: