Hard reject but why

Hi there , anyone can help me? I got 5 times hard reject but I dunno what did i do wrong , pls check my video and give me some advice .

Project download

Hi. I think design needs more work, on backgrounds, on animated elements, maybe adding some gradients. And transitions are to quick and abrupt, in my opinion they should flow more with the rest of the animation and be smoother. Anyway, it´s my subjective opinion. And don´t forget that there are many many items like yours on Videohive, so too much competition to get your item approved.
Good Luck!


Thanks for advices , can i resubmit this item after redesign ?

You can´t resubmit a hard rejected item, it´s against rules, except that your redesign finishes with an almost completely different project. Project needs really significant changes so you can resubmit it again.

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Thanks a lot for advices , i will try again :hugs:

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