Rejected - Nice,but too simple.

So my latest project got rejected for being too simple.Reviewer had some nice things to say about it,but hoped it would pack a bit more punch,which i would like to achieve since i think there is a decent project here and i’m not ready to toss it to the trash just yet.

Not looking to create a 30 image flashy stomp animation,but a simple corporate introduction.

Any suggestions?

I would agree its a bit simple. Try to add some more graphics and description into it.

And maybe try to make the animation a bit faster?

You are an elite author and yet you expected this to get accepted? It does has nice design but animation is too simple indeed… Imagine if videohive would accept such projects, how many people would start trying to flood with such simple projects. If you would make a “PACK” of 20-50 of such titles or a full website presentation then that would be accepted for sure.

When i see stuff like this getting accepted and actually on the top weekly list,yes,i did expect my project to be accepted.

No disrespect meant towards the author.It’s a very nice,simple,to the point logo animation.

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It’s a logo reveal. Your simple text animation is under a different category.
There are so many slideshows and flat text animations that these categories have higher quality standards than logos.

Good point, Eduard_1337.

I do agree with you uniquefx with your comment.

Though like I said earlier, Try to add some more graphics and description into it.

Any news from the thread starter? Hope he wasn’t offended.

No no no.Not offended :slight_smile:

Sorry for not replying.Thanks for your feedback!

hello… i got hard reject at all my 12 days work in 1 min… how it possible??? i mean i got rejected all my uploads in 1 min … i don’t think all those items has quality problem or technically problem … i have approved more simple projects… and i dont understand how it possible to reject all my items … i w8ing 12 day and i god reject on item what i uploaded last night to… how??? and how i can see whats curator rejected my all items in 1 min i just need to ask him why?!!

That’s good to know.

I feel you. Have rejected a lot of time, but think of it as a room for improvement.