Rejected - i think i know but maybe

Hi guys,

im really new to this community and videohive. I got one item accepted and now my second one was hard rejected.

“The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria.”

I uploaded here the preview file for the description of the file. I think i know that the scenerie is too simple and the logo animation too “boring” but maybe it has to do with something else?
I read a little bit in other threads with the same subject. But before i upload another one i really want to avoid simple mistakes like wrong font or something.

  • Could it be the preview presentation?
  • the music for the presentation?
  • the font in the subline of the logo?
  • the controller i created for the item?
  • do the reviewer open up the project files and there i something not good enough?
  • Or is it the PDF which is included as a tutorial?

Thank you all for your time.



I like it. Music not much, but that´s subjective. 3D animation is ok to me, maybe background needs more work and the reveal I guess is too simple, not the 3D but the logo could have some more details.
Good Luck!


thanks for your reply.
It is unfortanutly hard reject. That was a bit confusing to me.

But good to know that it is something i can work on and nothing i would never have found out what it is exactly.



The Logo Reveal itself is simply with keyframed opacity from 0 to 100 in a few frames. Try to make it connected to the balls somehow. Also, I think it would’ve been good to have a camera circling around the balls before the logo gets revealed. This is my opinion.

Thanks for your reply.

Good thoughts - i also found out that there so many Balls-Logo Animation already which are really similiar to mine and maybe there are too many at this time.


The reveal of the logo is too simple, that’s why you got rejected

Ok - but is that not subjectiv?
If the animation is clean and smooth so that there are no technical or aesthetic Problems it should be ok.

But thanks for the answers. Then i have to work more on eye catcher logo-reveals :slight_smile: