I need your opinion about my rejected project. Maybe with some suggestions.

Help me with your opinion and suggestions about my rejected item.
Thank you :wink:

Hi, sorry for the rejection :smiley:

The animations look pretty nice, but I think it was rejected due to the overused idea (tree circles/something spinning - meets in a middle = logo & particles burst in the background), and the design - style choices.

To understand why the idea isn’t good, nor better than already approved projects, just check the logo animations on videohive. Many of the older ones followed a remix of this idea “recipe”. Your logo perhaps could be approved too with this idea if it would have been outstandingly executed while also brining something new to the table. Now that’s not the case, especially when you consider the style of this.

The spinning part and the burst at the end has a nice matching style. But the logo reveal itself looks out of place - you suddenly go from minimal vector shapes to this realistic reflections transparency fading in/out look.

And lastly and most importantly - after the logo is revealed, you cover it with this reflective texture at the back… I don’t know if you read any brand books, but it’s a rule that a logo can’t be obstructed by other graphics around it up to a certain radius - to ensure that it’s clearly visible and understandable. You completely ruined this most important priciple by placing that jarring graphics undersneat the logo. This renders the logo unrecognisable - interferes with it doing it’s function and makes everything look very ugly. That’s definitely not the end goal you should want from a logo animation :smiley:

So overall I would advise to ditch this idea, check behance to freshen up your style inspirations and come up with something fresh and not so overused, and then stick to one style throughout the whole animation. You’ve got some animation skills at least, so that’s good. Best of luck! :wink:

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Oh God! this is very helpful.
Thank you very much my friend!

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