Rejection, need help

Hello! Could you please help me with your comments? I thought that 3d is always welcome.

The item was rejected with a standard review: “The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements…”

i like it .
But i really don`t like this horrible static background :slight_smile:

At 0:07 the camera comes to a stop, then starts moving again. This alone makes this feel off for me (but it is not the only thing that will need to be changed to get it accepted I’m afraid).

The tree was a still image that is animated with distorting the image? at least it looks like it, feels unfinished as well. Aesthetically I don’t like the whole tree, to be honest. Not even sure if it is a tree or just a really big bush :smiley:

What I like is the water and the reflection. Work on the camera and the tree, and maybe the logo reveal, then this could get approved.

Also the sky is problematic because it doesn’t match with the “camera” animation.
The tree foliage doesn’t help the logo to stand out either.

Maybe if you try to fly over the tree with the camera and then the logo reveals on the horizon could help logo to stand out better. And if I were you, I would make the particles trail more visible, not much, just a bit. And definitely I guess you should try to improve camera move, it would be better if camera stops slowly and not abruptly. A good thing to give a nicer look would be the depth of field (even more when you use 3D), try to accentuate it.

If im the reviewer ,watch till the end…i would say…That is it ? camera moved towards a tree ? whats the rational behind this 3D animation ? always ask yourself as a customer , would you buy it ? I know that you put much work and time for this animation , but i think is rather too short.

Thanks for a good advise, I will try cause love playing with 3d