Hard Rejected, please give me feedback

Hi, can you guys please help me and give me feedback on my video? Maybe its too simple or why do you think that i got rejection? Thank you


Hey, it’s definitely too simple. It’s just an average liquid animation revealing the graphic and that’s it. No logo animation, no secondary animations, no reaction to movements, no details… Look at the best selling logos, notice how the logos are animated, what intricately layered multiple effects they have going on with a bunch of small details, even if the logo animation itself looks short or simple on a first glance.

Thank you so much for this reply.
I added more animations so if you can take a look i would be happy. Do you think that this have chance to be approved or should i work harder?

This one is more complex, but now the liquid reveal looks way worse. Overall there’s still no chance. It’s not about working harder right away, it’s about working smarter first. Like establishing your competition, what trends are right now popular in motion design and logo reveals, and then creating some very stylish and cohesive project that’s also complex and detailed.

Like look at your competition: https://videohive.net/item/liquid-logo/23919192 they use trendy hand drawn liquid style, the animation is smooth, the design is unified in some one style and the animations have perfectly adjusted easings. All of these things make this project look current, very cohesive and high quality which results in it getting sales.

Meanwhile, you just took some random effects and put them together, so it all looks pretty bad. There’s no one unified, high quality, trendy style. It’s just oh some diagonal boxes, then ohh lets make the logo scale-up, without even tweaking the animation curves to make it look more decent and finally of course lets add some shine effect! :smiley: Just cause we need “more complexity” but not because some trendy style which you’re sticking to for this project calls for it. I guess you gotta learn with experience what goes with some things and what doesn’t. Just like you wouldn’t put pasta, ice-cream and cucumbers together, lol :smiley: I think that’s what happened in your latest animation.

I guess it takes time to learn how to create cohesive styles with graphic design and it also requires time to educate your taste with good motion graphics animations. Then when you combine the “style knowledge” with hard work you can create something truly cool. So that’s what I’ll wish you, good luck :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you so much. I will let you know about my progress. :slight_smile: