Hard Reject, really ???? why ?

Hello, friends.
I noticed that shape animation is quite popular and many easy things were approved last weeks, so I tried to make something minimal,but good looking, but it was hard rejected. Please tell me why, any ideas ?

here is an intem : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShE9lq36F2k

Tnx !

  1. Shape logos are usually more dynamic and faster. Your animation is very slow.
  2. Looks like poor copy of project accepted in last days.

Please dont kill me :slight_smile:


Try again, I think this is very nice.

The end is very bad.
It should be the object that lifts up, it slides up the same way as the object here.
So it’s not a relief.
I felt uncomfortable.

tnx for your opinion, I’ll think about it .

tnx, but resubmitting is not allowed without significant changes ((((

I think because you are copying this 2 ideas in one item:

And your animations are very slow.

emmm … what if I will show this ?

[REMOVED - Calling out items, users or staff is not allowed]

And its just 3 of them in 3 days .

No, i think they are not similar.

Was about to say that it’s actually good, then I saw Ahmed’s comment and realise you copied his work almost 100%. Please don’t be mad that you can’t make money from someone else’s idea.

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I can not understand only the standarts of evaluation .

I can waste 5 minutes and find something like this, examples of card wipe :
[REMOVED - Calling out items, users or staff is not allowed]
and so on .

It’s so equal . But all of them are on market. And There are many similar projects.
What’s the standards of evaluation? where is copyright and where is not ? what is allowed and whats not ?

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Because you don’t see the other 90% of copied projects that don’t get accepted. Some get lucky. That’s not your problem.
What you should be doing is spend time developing skills and ideas, not complain about your COPY PASTED project getting rejected on fair grounds.

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ok, fair enough

Most of the examples you provided are at least 3 years old, and one project is even 6 years old. Quality standards increase as time goes by – especially for categories like logo animations that quickly get oversaturated with copies of popular concepts.

I’d hope that you’d be able to see problem in comparing your newly created project to something that was accepted way back in 2011.

tnx for information