I don't really post about rejections, but...

There is a bit a reason to question the decision of the reviewing team in this one. I have created few logo openers in the past year for videohive and i consider 95% of them having lesser quality than the one that got rejected a day ago. I really don’t find much of it that i would change looking at it for hours after the rejection, while ill jump to another project and brag about this about a day or so, it’s hard for me to understand how can a better project in my humble opinion as a 7 year designer can be hard rejected w/o explanation and what I consider to be something not that appealing to be approved without question(and i’m talking about my items here not about any other author items). At least when an author gets to a point to make 50k+ usd and roughly 3000 sales should deserve a one sentence explanation as he is not new to the marketplace and would appreciate a direction from the reviewing team.

Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts about what I should change and what I did wrong for this item not to get accepted:

p.s. if anyone wants the project file for free write me an email through my portfolio ill share it for free as the platform doesn’t seem to need or want it.


I dont asnwer to posts about rejected items too, but this is nice. Two things from me. The final logo is not visible enough. It is too dark. And this 3d bevel is an old trend. Try to make it simple (not 3D would be great too) and visible.

That’s above and beyond what I want from a review guy if I get an item like this rejected, give me a constructive thought why this is not working, don’t give me that generic message like i’m someone creating for this marketplace since yesterday, right ? :slight_smile:

And it looks cool, is far from something that’s not done well, i mean i would actually swap this template with the one that got approved 3 days ago :smiley:

Then… it was rejected because this is too similar. Add the new one to the older one, as a pack.

I don’t think they are similar animation-vise, they are both dark yes, and they both consist 3D Bevel title and Saber, but these components are the only thing that connects these two templates imho.

Reviewers dont have the rejections as a hobby. If you cant see how much similar they are, that s an other story :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill argue that having two templates with similar “cinematic” style with different styles of animations is bad then through practical example. These templates are way more similar between each other than the ones we talk about and they both succeeded:

People tend to keep a course and style, that’s my style. Maybe you can’t see how different they are. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I would love some envato member to come and debunk my side, ill gladly accept it if there are good points.

That’s why I dont answer to posts about rejected items :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway that’s only my opinion. Have a nice day.

Hey I value what you said but I had different experience and this works for me and the marketplace as I do sales. It’s just that I haven’t seen much 3D Bevels that contain blast and I felt this project would sell good, writing this thread is something that I wouldn’t regularly do either. Have a good day too sir :).

I think the first version of reveal killed it at the first place. ( worse colors and logo looks out of composition)
Next 2 examples of rejected project are much better than first.
I would recommend to use less zoom in like you did on approved cinematic logo reveal. Composition is much better there as well.

It might be the resolution of that preview I just rushed to post on youtube, here’s a better example of the version of logo that you think killed the thing.

Thanks for your advice tho.